How Much Are We Responsible For..?

So, found more info on the project. Dhimitris found most of the sections where we need to add the comments, so that should work well. On the other hand, from what we can see, the last person to work on this project also went about building actual test classes for the project, so we’re not entirely sure whether or not to do the same.

There’s also some question about which sections still need to get done. Taking a look through the project, we found a few cases mentioning the need for ‘tests’, but didn’t specifically mention JUnit tests, so there’s some question of whether or not those were just lazy typo’s, or if they’re separate things we are not responsible for.

Most likely, we’ll first focus on the TODO requests in, and to add the @should comments. It seems that they have some Plug-in available that uses such comments to generate test classes, so the comments are first priority. Maybe afterwards, we might be making those test classes themselves, after asking the ticket publisher.


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